Erik DeAndre’

Erik DeAndre’ is an American artist born in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began drawing and painting at a very early age and realized quite soon, that art would be a life-long passion... Following his studies, Erik DeAndre’ emerged upon European shores and quickly established himself as a unique creative talent. Holding the position of Art Director with several leading wholesale art producers, his keen insight into the creative and business aspects of the art market are seldom matched. Viewers and collectors of Erik DeAndre’s works have called them powerful, inspiring, and filled with emotion. Sensual themes, brilliant colors, & clarity in execution have become synonymous with Erik DeAndre’s work. His art is a unique blend of illustration and pop portraiture created with a blend of acrylics, graphite, oil, or whatever materials he chooses to express his artistic vision. In addition to painting, Erik creates finished art products for retail sales. Along with being extensively published, his original pieces have become much sought after collector treasures. 




Sven Pfrommer

Photography, graphics and printmaking are the creative domains of choice for Sven Pfrommer. In his fascinating artworks, he brilliantly combines these techniques.

Sven’s urban collages often comprise photographs taken during his journeys throughout North America, South East Asia and Europe.
Originally from Berlin, Sven graduated in visual design and was awarded a British Council scholarship to attend the Royal College of Art in London for printmaking.

After several years as a full time Art Director and photographer in Germany and Great Britain, he’s dedicated the past 10 years exclusively towards his gallery works.

An accomplished curator, his gallery for contemporary photography, in the Art Capital of Berlin, has attracted collectors the world over.
His works have been exhibited in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, UK, United States, Canada.

In addition to gallery commissions, Sven’s created corporate works for MercedesMaserati, the hospitality industry and clinics.
The Artwork Factory is proud to feature the creative talents of this truly gifted artist.



Michelle Endersby

The rose portraits of Australian painter Michelle Endersby are inspired by a vision the artist experienced upon awakening from a coma. Each image is far more than a figurative representation of a flower – in truth, these works explore the varying personalities and forms of roses throughout the phases of their life cycle. Michelle’s masterful use of light and shadow not only helps define the overall composition but also adds a depth of meaning and an emotive element to the overall effect.

Each of her rose paintings symbolises wholeness, the cycle of life, and the mystery of eternity. However, Michelle’s roses go beyond a representation of love, beauty, and divinity; they serve as an invitation to the viewer to take a moment to contemplate the sacred. As Michelle explains, “I hope my paintings will inspire an awakening in others, as I feel I have been entrusted with a mission to share a vision of beauty, hope, and inspiration with the world.”

The Artwork Factory is proud to present Michelle's breathtakingly beautiful works of natural splendour!



Annie Terrazzo

My work has always been about trash. I don't think it started out of inspiration but a reaction to sheer poverty. Back in 2003, after moving to LA from a couple of other places, I didn't have the money to afford real materials. It wasn't really my intention, but using these found objects and used materials from thrift shops collectively told a story within the work.

I was impressed at how people not only wanted to buy the work but also wanted to know the story. The story of the trash. I got a pretty good following and sold everything I would make as fast as I could make it. I got to the point where I could afford better material, but never really went too far in that direction. The newspapers were a natural progression of my artistic endeavors. In 2007 I traveled to London for the first time. Now, getting from Heathrow Airport to the city you need to take the tube and I came in right after morning rush hour. As I walked into the train to sit down, the floor was littered up to my knees with newspapers. Londoner's get free papers, read them on their journey and throw them on the floor of the train. I happened to be all alone on that particular tube and it's a long way into London. When I got off the train, I had a pretty good idea where things were going.

I love portraiture old and new, but really wanted to find a new and interesting way to show it. Using the newspapers to tell the story or the headlines as the heart of the person I am drawing creates a fuller understanding of the subtext or the joke I'm trying to make.



Greta Corens

Greta Corens saw the light as a painter of portraits and flowers, after a career as a fashion designer in New York City.

She received an MFA at the prestigious St. Lucas Architectural Institute, div. St Imelda in Brussels, Belgium. 

She became a sought after fashion designer in New York City, while painting portraits, following her love for character profiles of people. She broadened her artistic perspective at the Antwerp Art Academy in Belgium.

A beloved teacher guided her towards painting still lives in oils and watercolor

This led her to recognize the nurturing and elevating influence of baroque Dutch Golden Age Flower paintings during her boarding school years, and an intimate discovery of the effects of the elegance of flowers on her psyche unraveled in her paintings. 

Returning to the US, as President of the prestigious Reilly League of Artists, NY she has held master classes. 

Prestigious galleries in New York and Connecticut showcased and awarded prizes to her Watercolor Flowers that announce her breakthrough as a realistic watercolor painter.



Anne Gudrun

From beauty-infused memories of long, midnight sunsets and the breath-taking northern landscapes of Norway, to the beautiful West Coast forest and ocean of British Columbia, Anne Gudrun draws her inspiration from the natural world around her. 

At a very a young age Anne intuitively observed how lines, colours and shapes define the essence and personality of things. Whether creating the figurative representation of a person or the abstraction of a flower, she explores the interactions between the shapes and colours on canvas; each colour and shape becoming its own character and contributing to the work as a whole. Her paintings reflect the beauty of nature with bold vibrancy and an innate sense of design. 

Anne's unique style provides an uplifting and colourful statement piece and her work has been chosen for public art displays, receiving awards and special recognition in select online and international art competitions. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada where she paints and works from her studio. 



Loui Jover

Loui Jover‘s artwork involves drawing in ink over adhered-together old book pages. The very striking result: The pages give the drawings, as Jover puts it, “a kind of ‘meaning’ or back-story, even though they’re unconnected to the artwork in a contrived way.”

… there is a fragility to these images that I find interesting (as if the wind may blow them away at any moment) and the hand drawn stark black lines against the intricate printed words of the book pages offer a strange fusion and depth …

Interestingly, when picking book pages to use Jover doesn’t choose to explicitly connect them to the artwork. The connection, for example, between the drawing of the couple walking down the street at night and the manuscript pages they’re placed against is left entirely up to the observer. Jover’s process is to collide the two works “as chance permits,” allowing meaning to form in the imaginings of anyone who looks at the artwork.




Amalya Nanè Tumanian

Amalya Nanè Tumanian (Nanè) made her first oil painting at the age of 15. Since then, she’s had numerous international solo and group exhibitions. An ever expanding base of private and corporate collectors in The United States, Russia, Armenia, Australia, India, Canada, and France, underscores the international appeal of her wonderful art.

Amalya was born in the The Armenian Republic Capital city of Yerevan. Where, prior to emigrating with her family to the USA, she was already a well-established artist.

As an Art Instructor at the Yerevan State College of Arts, many of her works were purchased by the Russian and Armenian State Governments. Her works have been displayed in museums and public places in Armenia and Moscow, as well as added to collections for International “Goodwill” art touring group exhibitions in Hungary, Spain and Germany. Amalya received her MFA in Painting from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, California, as well as a BA in Industrial Design from the Yerevan State Academy of Arts. She also holds an, M.Ed. in art education from the Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon, and in the spring of 2014 she began the PhD program at the Institute of Doctoral Studies in Visual Arts (IDSVA) in art aesthetics and philosophy. She currently resides with her family in Portland, Oregon.



Mirjana Z. Zana

Following completion of graphic design school, “Zana” experimented with various artistic techniques, initially choosing chalk and pastels as her primary mediums. 

Her passion for decoration and it’s relationship to art, eventually launched her career as an interior designer

“Collages are my great love and inspiration”… 

When I began creating digital artwork I was going through a very difficult period in my life, yet I continued to evolve and to develop my creative voice. Through my collages, I’ve discovered a new & exciting side of artistic expression that I never knew existed previously. My artwork has brought me the peace and harmony that I’d been searching for all of my life… This thrilling journey has lead me to discover hope and inner peace, both of which, I’m happy to share with the world through my art.

Zana’s brightly coloured artwork and timeless themes evoke strong emotions and are interwoven with her philosophy that every day brings the possibility of positive change. She’s been featured in numerous group art exhibitions and The Artwork Factory is thrilled to present her fascinating works.



Mark Tisdale

"I feel like the poster child for life being what happens while youre making other plans.

Ive always been a visual person Learning came easier with visual stimuli and Ive always enjoyed art, but it never went beyond a basic academic appreciation. In fact, I signed up for one drawing class in college and was scared away by the large list of required supplies! Eventually wound up majoring in Sociology with strong minors in business and computing.

After college, I spent nearly the next decade working as a data processing project manager. It was at this time that I developed a real love of travel. With each new destination, the desire to capture the essence of those places grew stronger. Im not sure how or what my friends and family actually saw early on, but their encouragement would ultimately alter my life!

A career break six years ago, to do some traveling, eventually became my new life. Roughly 90% of my work involves photography to some degree, but my work isnt remotely photo-journalistic in nature. The subjects of my body of work range from castles to rural backroads. The challenge is finding the inherent, but not always apparent, beauty in those subjects. In the process, I've developed a unique style and voice and often have people tell me that they recognise my work before they see my name.

I may not have planned this life with a career counsellor, but I honestly couldnt have planned a life thats brought me more satisfaction."