Mark Tisdale

Mark Tisdale"I feel like the poster child for life being what happens while youre making other plans.

Ive always been a visual person Learning came easier with visual stimuli and Ive always enjoyed art, but it never went beyond a basic academic appreciation. In fact, I signed up for one drawing class in college and was scared away by the large list of required supplies! Eventually wound up majoring in Sociology with strong minors in business and computing.

After college, I spent nearly the next decade working as a data processing project manager. It was at this time that I developed a real love of travel. With each new destination, the desire to capture the essence of those places grew stronger. Im not sure how or what my friends and family actually saw early on, but their encouragement would ultimately alter my life!

A career break six years ago, to do some traveling, eventually became my new life. Roughly 90% of my work involves photography to some degree, but my work isnt remotely photo-journalistic in nature. The subjects of my body of work range from castles to rural backroads. The challenge is finding the inherent, but not always apparent, beauty in those subjects. In the process, I've developed a unique style and voice and often have people tell me that they recognise my work before they see my name.

I may not have planned this life with a career counsellor, but I honestly couldnt have planned a life thats brought me more satisfaction."