Mirjana Z. Zana

Mirjana Z. ZanaFollowing completion of graphic design school, “Zana” experimented with various artistic techniques, initially choosing chalk and pastels as her primary mediums. 

Her passion for decoration and it’s relationship to art, eventually launched her career as an interior designer. 

“Collages are my great love and inspiration”… 

When I began creating digital artwork I was going through a very difficult period in my life, yet I continued to evolve and to develop my creative voice. Through my collages, I’ve discovered a new & exciting side of artistic expression that I never knew existed previously. My artwork has brought me the peace and harmony that I’d been searching for all of my life… This thrilling journey has lead me to discover hope and inner peace, both of which, I’m happy to share with the world through my art.

Zana’s brightly coloured artwork and timeless themes evoke strong emotions and are interwoven with her philosophy that every day brings the possibility of positive change. She’s been featured in numerous group art exhibitions and The Artwork Factory is thrilled to present her fascinating works.