Sven Pfrommer

Photography, graphics and printmaking are the creative domains of choice for Sven Pfrommer. In his fascinating artworks, he brilliantly combines these techniques. 

Sven’s urban collages often comprise photographs taken during his journeys throughout North America, South East Asia and Europe. Originally from Berlin, Sven graduated in visual design and was awarded a British Council scholarship to attend the Royal College of Art in London for printmaking. 

After several years as a full time Art Director and photographer in Germany and Great Britain, he’s dedicated the past 10 years exclusively towards his gallery works. An accomplished curator, his gallery for contemporary photography, in the Art Capital of Berlin, has attracted collectors the world over. His works have been exhibited in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, UK, United States, Canada. 

In addition to gallery commissions, Sven’s created corporate works for Mercedes, Maserati, the hospitality industry and clinics. 

The Artwork Factory is proud to feature the creative talents of this truly gifted artist.