Michelle Endersby

Michelle Endersby

The rose portraits of Australian painter Michelle Endersby are inspired by a vision the artist experienced upon awakening from a coma. Each image is far more than a figurative representation of a flower – in truth, these works explore the varying personalities and forms of roses throughout the phases of their life cycle.

Michelle’s masterful use of light and shadow not only helps define the overall composition but also adds a depth of meaning and an emotive element to the overall effect. Each of her rose paintings symbolises wholeness, the cycle of life, and the mystery of eternity.

However, Michelle’s roses go beyond a representation of love, beauty, and divinity; they serve as an invitation to the viewer to take a moment to contemplate the sacred. As Michelle explains,

“I hope my paintings will inspire an awakening in others, as I feel I have been entrusted with a mission to share a vision of beauty, hope, and inspiration with the world.”

The Artwork Factory is proud to present Michelle's breathtakingly beautiful works of natural splendour!