Michelle Endersby - Peek Behind the Canvas

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It’s an extraordinary pleasure to speak with these truly gifted creatives about their candid views, personal histories & artistic visions. We’re honoured that they’ve been gracious enough to open their studio doors to chat with us about their artistic identities and equally so to share these candid “Peeks Behind the Canvas” with our subscribers.


In this Edition we sit down with: Michelle Endersby, Australia


The rose portraits of Australian painter Michelle Endersby are inspired by a vision the artist experienced upon awakening from a coma. Each image is far more than a figurative representation of a flower – in truth, these works explore the varying personalities and forms of roses throughout the phases of their life cycle. Michelle’s masterful use of light and shadow not only helps define the overall composition but also adds a depth of meaning and an emotive element to the overall effect.

Each of her rose paintings symbolises wholeness, the cycle of life, and the mystery of eternity. However, Michelle’s roses go beyond a representation of love, beauty, and divinity; they serve as an invitation to the viewer to take a moment to contemplate the sacred. As Michelle explains, “I hope my paintings will inspire an awakening in others, as I feel I've been entrusted with a mission to share a vision of beauty, hope, and inspiration with the world.”

The Artwork Factory is proud to present Michelle's breathtakingly beautiful works of natural splendour!



Firstly, Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us…  This is a no-holds-barred arena to speak as freely as you’d like about whatever’s on your mind… So, let’s jump right in!

1) Please describe your definition of “What is Art” and how does this definition correlate with the current art market?

Art to me is a language which expresses things that cannot be adequately described by words. Art is the energy and emotion that enhances our everyday existence.  I think that the the way we experience art  is changing and the current art market reflects this in the way that art is available in many more ways than just paintings on walls.  The whole idea of 'functional art' is one of my passions and I love the idea of art surrounding and adorning our living environments in unique and creative ways.

2) Define “Success” as an artist in your own words.

I believe "Success" as an artist is to have a recognisable style which elicits an emotional response from the viewer.

3) What career do you think you’d like to try if you weren’t an artist and why?

I think perhaps a novelist would be fun. The idea of being able to create and transport others to another world for a while does have appeal.

4) What’s the best part about being in the creative field?

There is a freedom and a joy in the sense that nothing is impossible.

5) What’s your greatest artistic strength?

My greatest artistic strength is my imagination.  I will never be short of things to paint and create because my subconscious mind is constantly dreaming up new ideas and it is fascinating to watch the unreal become reality.

6) What’s your favourite medium to work with and why?

I love painting in both acrylic and oils, but I think I would have to choose acrylic as my favourite because its quick drying properties enable me to build up layer upon layer of gorgeous colour without having to wait and I love nothing more than the feeling when a painting tells me it is finished.

7) Do you schedule a certain amount of time to work each day or do you work as the inspiration comes?

Every waking hour of my day and I suspect many when I'm asleep too is focused on my creative endeavours.  Being an artist is not what I do it is who I am.

8) What is the one thing that you absolutely can’t live without (professionally or personally)?

Good natural lighting.  Light is so important not just for artists but for everyone, it is strongly linked to our mood and our well-being.

9) How difficult is it for you to price your artwork?

Pricing artwork can be a difficult issue for artists because it is tied up with feelings of self-worth and confidence.  But I know that people want to purchase my paintings so I have worked out an easy system with accessible price points for different budgets.

10) What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Five years ago I travelled down to Antarctica.  As an artist who paints botanical subjects and roses in particular it is hard to believe that I would choose to go to a place where there is no vegetation whatsoever.  But the abundance of wildlife, in particular penguins and other sea birds and the beautiful colour palettes of blues and white and the sculptural qualities of the icebergs provided me with endless inspiration for photographic studies and one day I hope to paint a tribute series to one of the most beautiful and precious places on earth.

11) In which Gallery or Museum space would you most like to see your artwork displayed and why?

Whilst there are many galleries or museums which I would love to see my work in, here in Australia we have a series of hotels each one showcasing the work of a different artist.  The hotels are not just filled with original pieces of the artist's work, but the art inspires the décor, soft furnishing and fittings to capture the essence of the artist.  These hotels are a real art immersion experience and I think it would be wonderful to have my work shown in this way and to allow people to feel the joy that I do in my creations.

12) Who’s your favourite artist?

I can't pin it down to just one, I love the textural expression of Van Gogh, the colour palettes of Monet and the bold simplicity of Georgia O'Keeffe, just to name a few of my favourites.  The whole list is very long!

13) Anything else that you’d like to mention that we didn’t ask?

Well I'm very excited at the moment to be putting the finishing touches on my works which are going to be exhibited in New York.