Wooden Art Coffee Tables for Sale on The Artwork Factory

We've set out to create a collection of coffee tables which would be both functional as well as decorative. We’ve used quality, eco-friendly materials to form the core of these solid tables, we then merged a universally appealing design with a vast selection of fantastic contemporary artwork.



Weve selected wood as the material of choice for our Art Coffee Tables Collection due to its natural beauty and versatility. The true allure of this material is evident in its ability to convey positive energy throughout your space, which works wonderfully in both traditional as well as contemporary decor settings.

Unlike glass, our wooden Art Coffee Tables have no dangerous sharp corners or possibility of shattering. This can be beneficial in small rooms, where the surrounding furniture may be closer than usual. Thanks to sturdy legs, made out of massive wood, Art Coffee Tables are also ideally suited for family rooms.

Art Coffee Table are designated to be functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Should one of lifes little spills occur, simply wipe the surface with a moistened cloth and clean with a mild wood polish.