Art Coffee Tables – Front and Center of a Living Room

Every sitting room takes pride in its coffee table. In fact, together with sofas, coffee tables are arguably the single most important piece of furniture in a living space.



It may come as a surprise that such an essential piece of furniture was actually invented by happenstance. Stuart Foote, the President of the Imperial Furniture Company, claimed that in 1920, after cutting down the legs of a tea table in his warehouse, it occurred to him to place the stunted table in front of the sofa. He found it much easier to place a cup of tea down on the shortened table while sitting on his couch.

As coffee was gaining popularity, over time, “tea tables” became “coffee tables”. The repeal of the Volstead Act in the 1930s even saw a brief name change to “cocktail table” for a while.



Although history has brought a few different names to this irreplaceable piece of furniture, the purpose remains the same. As a transient storage, coffee tables are perfect for gaming, organizing remotes, sitting drinks, serving snacks, displaying decorations, storing newspapers, magazines and books. In short, if there’s a room with seating, a coffee table is essential.

Coffee tables are an instant focal point, which is why we’ve taken great care in developing our carefully curated collection. The Artwork Factory® believes that a modern coffee table should not only be functional, it should also be decorative. It was this attention to detail which inspired us to name this functional assortment of quality furniture pieces “Art Coffee Tables”.

The dynamic range of these coffee tables enhances the soul of each living space and is able to update any room, giving your space a stylish edge while adding a unique decorative touch.

While considering the perfect Art Coffee Table, assess which size, style and color you prefer. Read the guide here.



With The Artwork Factory®, you can find just the right coffee table, that’s been inspired by the incredible work of our contemporary artists. The Art Tables collection is full of elegant floral deco tables, industrial-themed pieces, vivid pop-art and many other styles. If you’d like to explore the whole “Art Coffee Tables” collection, please click here. In order to make the selection process as convenient as possible, please feel free to utilize our product filters, which sort the collection by style, size, color and theme.