Anne Gudrun Interview

Anne Gudrun The Artwork Factory portrait

The Artwork Factory® couldn’t exist without the incredibly talented artists & designers, who both inspire as well as challenge us with their creativity and unique perspectives…

It’s an extraordinary pleasure to speak with these truly gifted creatives about their candid views, personal histories & artistic visions. We’re honoured that they’ve been gracious enough to open their studio doors to chat with us about their artistic identities and equally so to share these candid “Peeks Behind the Canvas” with our subscribers.


In this Edition we sit down with: Anne Gudrun, Vancouver

From beauty-infused memories of long, midnight sunsets and the breath-taking northern landscapes of Norway, to the beautiful West Coast forest and ocean of British Columbia, Anne Gudrun draws her inspiration from the natural world around her.

At a very a young age Anne intuitively observed how lines, colours and shapes define the essence and personality of things. Whether creating the figurative representation of a person or the abstraction of a flower, she explores the interactions between the shapes and colours on canvas; each colour and shape becoming its own character and contributing to the work as a whole. Her paintings reflect the beauty of nature with bold vibrancy and an innate sense of design.

Anne's unique style provides an uplifting and colourful statement piece and her work has been chosen for public art displays, receiving awards and special recognition in select online and international art competitions. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada where she paints and works from her studio.


Firstly, Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us… This is a no-holds-barred arena to speak as freely as you’d like about whatever’s on your mind… So, let’s jump right in!

The Artwork Factory Roses Anne Gudrun1) Many artist’s earliest exposure to creativity begins during childhood. Was this also true for you, if so, describe the type of support you received early on. 

I received my first oil paint set and easel when I was nine years old and it was my favourite present of all time! I had a how-to-paint book and I remember sitting at the kitchen table and painting a wine bottle with grapes (just like the example in the book!). I loved the smell of the paint and linseed oil. My parents were very supportive and I knew I wanted to be an artist “when I grew up” from about the age of five.

2) What career do you think you’d like to try if you weren’t an artist and why?

Two things come to mind - A dancer and a physicist. I love the beauty and physical self-expression of dance. Then there is the scientist in me that is forever curious and wondering about life and the universe.

3) Which artists, designers, architects or photographers do you most admire?Anne Gudrun Daises The Artwork Factory

Georgia O’Keeffe made art her life. I admire that. Reading her biography sparked a turning point in my own life. It made me realise I wasn’t doing what I truly loved and what I felt I was meant to be doing with my life. She was a strong and independent woman.

4) What are your professional goals and how would you like to be remembered?

I want to fully develop and express myself, my visions and my capabilities as an artist. We all have our unique expressions and I would like to feel I’ve produced something that is both memorable and beautiful.

Anne Gudrun Tapestry The Artwork Factory5) What’s your creative process like?

It starts purely with an idea. Once I play with the idea for awhile it begins to take shape into a visual in my mind’s eye. It’s still somewhat vague so the only way to get clearer is to take action. If I have an idea for a painting, for example, I’ll go out in nature and shoot some photos. Now my vision becomes a little more concrete and I’ll play with the photos until I have an image I want, crop
the photo, choose a canvas size etc. The painting itself is actually a three stage process beginning with a drawing onto canvas. This is like a map or blueprint where I can work out the details. Then I add a grey layer of paint as a tonal study and I really get to “know” the painting. Next I add layers of colour, playing with shapes and the interactions between them... At this point it becomes a very intuitive process… almost as if the painting is telling me what to paint.

6) How has your style changed over the years?

I’m fine-tuning my process. Trusting my intuition more… My work is more playful and there is more clarity. I’m clearer on my bigger vision.

7) What’s the best part about being in the creative field?

Fun, play, self-expression, time doesn’t exist… There is always something exciting and new to do. Freedom.

8) What distinguishes your work from that of other artists?

My expression through lines, shapes and colour is my own unique interpretation. I take what’s mundane and turn it into something special, creating a story and another world through my art.

9) Do you have any creative insights or tips for aspiring artists?Anne Gudrun Three Graces

Follow your heart and dreams. Do what you love. Be playful always (which is creative energy).

10) Who’s your favourite artist?

For me it isn’t so much about a single artist and their style, it is more about who is inspiring to me in who they are and how they’re living their life.