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odrazka Art Coffee Tables
Art takes center stage & a philosophy of merging great design with functionality is at the very heart of our Art Tables
odrazka Giclee
Hi-quality fine art reproductions are printed on fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas with ultra-violet pigments, ensuring long lasting brilliant colors for years to come.
odrazka Circular Art
We've taken "Thinking outside of the box" literarlly... Unique collection available in various sizes.

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How to Choose the Right Color of an Art Table?

2. 6. 2015
Coffee tables are a great addition to a room’s décor. Along with selecting the right size and style, choosing the ideal color is a key factor in matching your decorative table with your space. Our color filter may help during the selection process. >>read more



Small Coffee Tables

27. 5. 2015
Selecting the ideal diameter of your circular Art Coffee Table is an essential choice. Our small round coffee tables are particularly well suited for modest spaces. With the absence of potentially hazardous sharp corners, they’re much safer to walk around. This benefit is very fortunate in tight spaces, where the surrounding furniture may be extremely close, saving yourself, family and guests possible injuries. >>read more

Art Coffee Tables – Front and Center of a Living Room

20. 5. 2015
Coffee tables are an instant focal point, which is why we’ve taken great care in developing our carefully curated collection. The Artwork Factory® believes that a modern coffee table should not only be functional, it should also be decorative. It was this attention to detail which inspired us to name this functional assortment of quality furniture pieces “Art Coffee Tables”. >>read more