Sven Pfrommer - Peek Behind the Canvas

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It’s an extraordinary pleasure to speak with these truly gifted creatives about their candid views, personal histories & artistic visions. We’re honoured that they’ve been gracious enough to open their studio doors to chat with us about their artistic identities and equally so to share these candid “Peeks Behind the Canvas” with our subscribers.


In this Edition we sit down with: Sven Pfrommer, Germany

Photography, graphics and printmaking are the creative domains of choice for Sven Pfrommer. In his fascinating artworks, he brilliantly combines these techniques.

Sven’s urban collages often comprise photographs taken during his journeys throughout North America, South East Asia and Europe.
Originally from Berlin, Sven graduated in visual design and was awarded a British Council scholarship to attend the Royal College of Art in London for printmaking.

After several years as a full time Art Director and photographer in Germany and Great Britain, he’s dedicated the past 10 years exclusively towards his gallery works.

An accomplished curator, his gallery for contemporary photography, in the Art Capital of Berlin, has attracted collectors the world over.

His works have been exhibited in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, UK, United States, Canada, Israel, Singapore
In addition to gallery commissions, Sven’s created corporate works for Mercedes, Maserati, the hospitality industry and clinics.
The Artwork Factory is proud to feature the creative talents of this truly gifted artist.


Firstly, Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us…  This is a no-holds-barred arena to speak as freely as you’d like about whatever’s on your mind… So, let’s jump right in!

Chicago Blues 2 Sven Pfrommer Giclee1) Which artists, designers, architects or photographers do you most admire?
I like Robert Rauschenbach, Antoni Tàpies, Gerhard Richter and photographers like Anton Corbijn and Sarah Moon.

2) What are your professional goals and how would you like to be remembered?
Continue to cooperate with my gallery partners around the globe and participating in international art fairs.

3) In which Gallery or Museum space would you most like to see your artwork displayed and why?
MoMa or Tate would be amazing!

Sunset and Palms 2 Sven Pfrommer Deco Glass4) What’s your favourite medium to work with and why did you chose that one?
I work with digital photography most of the time. Painting and drawing is also an important medium in my creative process.

5) How has your style changed over the years?
During my college years I was more focused on printmaking, like photo etching and screen printing.
I used to spend a lot of time in the darkroom working on photograms before the computer made everything easier. Today I rarely use my old analog cameras anymore.

6) Where do you find the inspiration for your art?
I find most of my inspirations from my traveling.

Move On 57 Sven Pfrommer Giclee7) Do you schedule a certain amount of time to work each day or do you work as the inspiration comes?
I work more concentrated twice a year for weeks on new works.

8) What’s your creative process like?
It’s divided into 2 parts… I’ll take photos while traveling and back in the studio, sometimes month later, I’ll integrate paints, drawings and other visual mediums.

9) What distinguishes your work from that of other artists?
Oops, I’ve never really thought about this… I suppose I’ve developed my own signature style through combining various digital mediums.

10) Any thoughts on the record setting auction prices being set for contemporary artwork?
Seems like buyers still consider art as a more constant currency then EUR or $....
My work was recently part of a Sotheby’s auction for the first time, interesting experience.

Typoart 18 Sven Pfrommer Art-for-You11) Name a place & time, from the past, that you’d like to visit & why?
Definitely the 60’s, the best music, the best fashion style and a lively art scene.

12) Who’s your favourite artist?
See question #1…