Round Coffee Tables for Sale at The Artwork Factory®

Coffee tables come in almost every possible shape imaginable. If youre hunting for a perfect decorative table, our tips may help guide you through the myriad of sizes and shapes on offer.



When curating the “Art Coffee Tables” collection, we've selected a circular form due to its infinite possibilities. The sheer versatility of round Art Coffee Tables allows them to be seamlessly introduced into a wide variety of living spaces and existing décor layouts. The height was also selected based upon extensive research and international standards in the furniture industry.

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When choosing the right shape, its hard to go wrong with a round coffee table. Circular furniture brings clarity, freshness, and harmony into your home. Feng Shui considers the circular form as an essential element in channeling active energy in spacial arrangements.

Rounded cocktail tables create a hospitable atmosphere and inviting gathering space. The absence of sharp corners also makes them safer than rectangular or square tables, especially for small children.

The versatility of round Art Coffee Tables makes them a great choice In restricted spaces, small coffee tables are a convenient and attractive cor addition. Our Larger Art Coffee tables offer the benefit of creating an impressive focal point, all the while, impressively forming a cohesive décor statement with existing furniture.