Erik DeAndre’ Robinson - Peek Behind the Canvas

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It’s an extraordinary pleasure to speak with these truly gifted creatives about their candid views, personal histories & artistic visions. We’re honoured that they’ve been gracious enough to open their studio doors to chat with us about their artistic identities and equally so to share these candid “Peeks Behind the Canvas” with our subscribers.


In this Edition we sit down with: Erik DeAndre, U.S.A.


Erik DeAndre’ is an American artist born in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He began creating at a very early age & realized quite soon, that art would be a life-long passion... Following his studies, Erik DeAndre’ emerged upon European shores and quickly established himself as a unique creative talent. Holding the position of Art Director with several leading wholesale art producers, his keen insight into the creative and business aspects of the art market are seldom matched. Viewers and collectors of Erik DeAndre’s works have called them powerful, inspiring, and filled with emotion.

Sensual themes, brilliant colors and clarity in execution have become synonymous with Erik DeAndre’s work. His art is a unique blend of illustration and pop portraiture created with a blend of acrylics, graphite, oil, or whatever materials he chooses to express his artistic vision. In addition to painting, Erik creates finished art products for retail sales. Along with being extensively published, his original pieces are much sought after collector treasures.



Firstly, Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us… This is a no-holds-barred arena to speak as freely as you’d like about whatever’s on your mind… So, let’s jump right in!

1) Please describe your definition of “What is Art” and how does this definition correlate with the current art market?
Peeling away the layers of showmanship, pretence & hype, Art remains essentially The creative expression of thoughts and ideas”… My definition casts a very wide net and is pretty inclusive. At least for me and at it's very purest, the actual process of Creating remains in & unto itself the most important thing... In regards to the current art market, that's an entirely different entity all together! The art market is an arena for commoditising names and brands. This has less to do with the creative process and more to do with marketing and perceived value.      

2) Define “Success” as an artist in your own words.
Earning enough money to afford a certain degree of artistic freedom for ones self is extremely important but being able to help others is equally rewarding. Mentoring up & coming talent is one of the best parts of my job! The dynamic energy thats created when a new talent blossoms is a never-ending source of pleasure and pride.  

3) How difficult is it for you to price your artwork? Its not difficult at all. Work created for the business is priced based upon a set scale... Private pieces simply aren't available. 

4) The internet… A blessing or a curse for young artists wanting to market their works?
As with any tool, you've got to know how to use it. It's definitely a blessing when you understand the technical aspects necessary in order to be successful. If you set out thinking that simply launching a new website will result in instant fame & fortune, your Field of Dreams will quickly turn into a nightmare! There's lots of work that needs to be done in the background. Artwork aside, put in the work & maintain reasonable expectations, and the internet is a fantastic way to reach countless collectors, customers & fans. 

5) Do you have any creative insights or tips for aspiring artists?
Master your craft! It sounds pretty basic but you'd be surprised at how many aspiring artists attempt to forego the fundamentals and end up frustrated when their work doesn't turn out as they'd hoped. The most successful artists have a rock solid foundation and recognise that art is as much about evolution as it is revolution.

6) What subject matter, style or theme do you find most appealing and why?
From a painters perspective I love incorporating brilliant colors and a sense of dynamism into my art. The results tends to lend a very contemporary feeling to my work & each piece is essentially a celebration of a particular theme. As far as subject matter is concerned, figuratives are always fun. As an art fan, theres really no limit to which themes or styles I find appealing. As long as the work tells a story, Im interested in discovering what its about.     

7) What’s your artistic philosophy?
Do the work and never stop being creative!

8) Describe what thoughts are going through your mind when you’re working on a piece.
Artists spend a great deal of time in their own heads, this is especially true when it comes to painting. I usually decide most of the major details during the preliminary phase, so all of the important points have already been mapped out before paint hits the canvas. As each piece unfolds, I'm pretty much on cruise control. Good background music is a constant companion during all stages of the creative process and theres usually plenty going on around me in regards to running the business.

9) If you could share a studio for just one day with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Leonardo da Vinci... Painter, Sculptor, Mathematician, Musician, Architect, Engineer, Geologist, Botanist, & Writer... He made A.D.D. Work to his advantage! 

10) What’s the best part about being in the creative field?
The sheer limitless possibilities and transformative power of art is what's kept me drawn to it... Developing ideas from their infancy and transforming them into a reality, through an acquired skillset, is a fantastic thing to be a part of. There's also something tremendously special about belonging to a fraternity of creative spirits and art enthusiasts Connecting with others on this level is an extremely powerful thing which transcends language, race, geographical divides & politics. In the end, that's what it's all about.        

11) Describe yourself in just “One” word… Why that word?
Passionate! It's the only gear that I have.    

12) What career do you think you’d like to try if you weren’t an artist and why?
Author. Writers and painters are essentially both creative story tellers... One working in pigments, the other in words.   

13) What defines a great piece of artwork for you? 
I tend to gravitate towards art that demonstrates the artist's mastery of his chosen medium or style. However, technical proficiency alone isn't necessarily the most important part. Work that possesses an indelible trace of an artist's spirt always resonates with me.